Pressure Washing Rome

Pressure Washing Rome

Pressure Washing Rome is a family-owned business that started in Rome. Since we’ve started we have been fortunate enough to grow and offer our pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning and other services to Cedartown, Summerville, Adairsville, Calhoun, and Cartersville. Our services offered are pressure washing houses, driveways, patios, stairs, heavy equipment, tractor-trailers, and RVs, to gutter and window cleaning. Commercial or residential, we are able to make anything look sparkling new again. We take great pride in our customer service, always striving to make your experience with us a pleasant one. We offer competitive pricing and are able to work on any budget. If you’re looking for the best Rome pressure washing company, look no further, you have found us. Please give us a call here at Pressure Washing Rome to transform your old and dirty into clean and new!

House Pressure Washing

Rome and the rest of North West Georgia provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and algae to grow on your house, that’s no secret. When it comes to controlling the growth and spread of the mold and algae, we take a gentle approach in order to combat it. We use low pressure, or soft washing methods, to ensure your home and property is not damaged by the high pressure. We also don’t use dangerous chemicals while pressure washing. Using safe detergents that won’t harm you, your children, or pets is what sets us apart. We’re slow, thorough and focus on the attention to detail just like it were our own property that we are pressure washing.

Roof Cleaning/ Pressure Washing

The roof of your home is no different than the exterior of it. The same mold and algae that grows on the side of your home, grows on your roof as well, creating black streaks and stains. If you don’t take action early, the mold spores will continue to spread until you end up with a full black roof. Just like the home pressure washing, we use a low pressure/soft wash to treat, kill and remove all of the mold. By deciding to have this done, it will bring your roof back to its original state, possibly saving a substantial amount of money if roof replacement was a consideration.

Personal or Company Vehicles and Equipment

If you’re short on time but have mud toys, large equipment, or RVs that need to be cleaned, Pressure Washing Rome will be more than happy to clean your toys up for you. The mud is no match for the high pressured water. Pressure washing mud caked toys or equipment is the quickest way to have them looking new again

Gutter Cleaning Rome

Have you ever noticed rotting wood near the eves or soffits on your home? That could very well be from having clogged gutters or downspouts. If that is not bad enough, clogged gutters and downspouts make for a great breeding ground for mosquitoes! These could be very simple problems to avoid if you are able to have your gutters cleaned at least once a year. We’re one of the few gutter cleaning companies Rome has so we recommend you give us a call if you cannot remember the last time you have had your gutters cleaned.

Window Cleaning Rome

Whether residential or commercial, we offer transparent window cleaning in Rome and surrounding areas. If you have ever really looked at your windows, you’ll be able to tell just how nasty they actually become over time. Because of dust and pollen floating around, the window panes and sills become extremely dirty if not cleaned regularly. By taking preventative measures and having your windows cleaned and germs removed, you’re doing your part in helping the stop the spread of germs in its tracts. If you’re looking for a reliable, yet affordable window cleaning company in Rome, Pressure Washing Rome can handle those needs as well.